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A gourmet tour in Monteregie

A gourmet tour in Monteregie

From a local restaurant to an artisanal cheese shop, a family-run farm and a chocolate boutique, Michel Jodoin shares his favourite spots to visit in the Rougemont area.

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A gourmet hike

The well-kept trails that stretch out behind Cidrerie Michel Jodoin take you on a meandering 3.6-kilometre stroll through the mountains. Along the way you’ll find picnic tables, interpretation panels, streams, small bridges and an impressive summit. “I hike these trails every day, sometimes I walk, sometimes I run; it helps me clear my mind.” The trail is open all year round and dogs are allowed from Monday to Wednesday. Cost: $3/person.

*Michel Jodoin is considering opening a small café in his ancestral home, with a panoramic view of the orchard. “It’s what’s missing in Rougemont. For me, the mountain-café-cider-food combination is completely organic.” Those who might be interested in such a café should keep their ears open!


Le fruit défendu

“This cozy restaurant and inn offers local cuisine that is simply to die for!” A bicentennial home with terrace, local products and cider. 1342 rang Double, Rougemont.


Domaine Cartier-Potelle

This vineyard/cider house belongs to my friends Jean-Pierre, Josée, and David, and it’s a must-see destination. It’s quaint and enjoyable, and the products are top quality.” 277 rang de la Montagne, Rougemont.


Au gré des champs

This dairy farm is home to 30 or so brown cows whose milk is used to churn out delicious certified organic cheeses. Their products are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the taste buds! 404 rang Saint-Édouard, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.


Ferme Miboulay

Grain-fed veal, pork, squab, eggs: this farm’s livestock are raised antibiotic and growth hormone-free. Stop by their boutique to stock up on homemade meat pies, pâtés, spreads and sausages, all additive-free. 253 chemin du Pin-Rouge, Marieville.


FG Chocolatiers

FG stands for Frédéric and Geneviève, the two masterminds behind this delicious chocolate boutique. Previously known under the name Chocolaterie la Maison Gourmande, this is one stop you’re not going to want to skip! 1646 avenue Bourgogne, Chambly.




ILLUSTRATIONS: Valérie Bertrand

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