The SAQ Magazine – The Spirit of Sharing website has been designed to display optimally the articles and visuals on most used web or mobile browsers.
The majority of the contents and functions of this website meet the requirements of Website accessibility standards (SGQRI 008- 01) adopted by the Conseil du trésor of the Government of Québec. Some navigation features may still have barriers to accessibility, but we plan to implement corrections shortly.
If you are having difficulty navigating through the SAQ Magazine – The Spirit of Sharing website using adaptive technologies and a screen reader, we invite you to send us your comments using the form Contact Us page.

Note that the SAQ did not apply the standards for the accessibility of downloadable documents (SGQRI 008-002) and the multimedia elements (SGQRI 008-003) for the SAQ Magazine website, since these documents are supplementary information or ludic visual supports for informations already present on the website.

Tools used to check the accessibility of content:

  • NVDA
  • Color Contrast Analyser