Cheers to the Daiquiri!

Cheers to the Daiquiri!

This popular summer drink was invented over a century ago, but it’s still just as trendy as ever. Here are our favourite Daiquiri recipes for a cool summer!

The Daiquiri is so popular that July 19th has been named National Daiquiri Day! No one is 100% sure where this iconic cocktail originally comes from, but we do know that it dates back to the end of the 19th century, during the Spanish-American War. The now-famous cocktail was supposedly created by an American engineer working at an iron mine in Cuba called (you guessed it!) Daiquiri. Wanting to make himself a drink, he threw together the only ingredients he could find: rum, lemons and sugar.

Over the years, the classic recipe was modified, giving birth to various different versions. One such example is the Floridita – the Frozen Daiquiri, which was inspired by Ernest Hemingway who wanted his barman to come up with a less sugary version of the drink.


The Frozen Daiquiri is really easy to make. It’s prepared much like the original recipe, with the exception that all the ingredients are blended together with crushed ice. The slushy concoction is then served in a whisky glass.

Even today, the Daiquiri is summer’s go-to cocktail. With its refreshing balance of sweet and tart, it’s the perfect drink to beat the heat. Here are five delicious Daiquiri recipes to help keep you cool all summer long!



The classic Daiquiri recipe never goes out of style—and it’s super easy to make! Simply combine lime, rum, simple syrup and ice, shake vigorously and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer drink. The tart lime flavour will whisk you away to the hot white sands of Cuba!


Banana Daiquiri

This version is sure to please all you diehard Daiquiri fans out there! The lime, simple syrup and banana truly complement one other, and blend together to create a smooth and creamy cocktail. Your guests won’t be able to refuse!


Raspberry Daiquiri

It’s no secret: raspberries are one of Quebec’s favourite fruits. Take advantage of raspberry season to add this delicious berry to your summer cocktails! Raspberries are the perfect addition to the Daiquiri, sure to tantalize your taste buds with a dose of freshness!


Melon Daiquiri

Sweet and juicy, honeydew melon is a summer must. So it was just a question of time before someone thought to add it to a quintessential summer cocktail! The fruity taste pairs perfectly with the lime’s acidity. Your guests will be clamouring for more!


Strawberry Daiquiri

Time to use those frozen strawberries! Adding strawberries to the classic Daiquiri gives it a sweet kick and dose of colour. It’s the perfect way to add a festive touch to all your summer celebrations!


Heading photo credit: Maude Chauvin

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