Delicious duo: cocktails and series

Delicious duo: cocktails and series

The cold season is the ideal time for quality viewing, and sipping! Read on for our perfect pairing suggestions for cocktails and series—for every taste.

The colder weather is perfect for cocooning. It’s the occasion for binge watching under a cozy blanket. Want to make to make it extra-hygge? Add some comfy clothes, low-key company, and tasty drinks. We have ten series suggestions, classics and new shows, to watch while you sip in complete relaxation!


Cool Martini

This melon-flavoured cocktail is both refreshing and classy! Made with tequila and white cranberry juice, this unique martini is a perfect balance of fruity and tangy flavours. You can sip it anytime, even nice and cozy at home, as you watch hilarious sketch comedy shows such as Like-moi!.


Spanish Coffee

Made with coffee liqueur, rum and coffee, this cocktail impresses with its simplicity and enveloping flavour. Its strong notes of coffee blend perfectly with those of the dark rum… oh-so-comforting. We suggest you sip this coffee all-snug on your couch, catching up on the exciting Spanish series La casa del papel.


Bloody Caesar

Don’t let the name scare you—there’s nothing to fear about this now-timeless cocktail. Its pronounced flavours—including spice!—are a great match for those who love thrills. Spice up your evening even more by pairing it with a viewing of The Walking Dead. One question though, do zombies like cocktails?


Le bandit

This little cocktail will steal its way… into your heart! Le Bandit will seduce your taste buds with its sweetness, a result of its unique mix of rum, almond liqueur, and pineapple juice. No need to lock the doors with this bandit around! With mischief already in your glass and in the air, why not watch Québec series District 31.


Cosmo Tchin-Tchin

The official cocktail of ladies’ nights, the Cosmopolitan found fame thanks to its frequent mention on popular series Sex and the City. Our version uses white cranberry juice—and it’s bound to inspire you to raise a fashionable glass! You’ll appreciate it even more watching one of the six seasons of this cult series.



Better than tea with the Queen, this elegant cocktail made with sparkling wine, dry gin and rosemary syrup will lend any evening or event a touch of class. Raise a sophisticated glass in genteel cheers while watching some of the best of British telly:
Downton Abbey.


Amaretto Sour

A classic in the cocktail world, the amaretto sour is loved for its simplicity and perfect balance of sweet and sour notes. Make this almond liqueur and lemon juice-based cocktail in the blink of an eye, and enjoy it over an episode of M’entends-tu?, a Québec comedy series you don’t want to miss!



Red alert—in your glass!—it’s an emergency! The explosive combination of tequila, vodka and lime juice will appeal to those who live life on the dangerous side. The double shot of spirits is daring, while lime juice gives a one-two punch to taste buds. Québec’s own series Alerte Amber is the perfect match for this cocktail!


Evil Eye

Wait, what was that noise!? Is that a shadow in the corner or…. ? This mysterious cocktail will trick and treat you to flavours of citrus liqueur, sweet pineapple juice, and tangy tequila. Better snuggle up close to your couch buddy as you flip on American series La dernière demeure des Hill (The Haunting of Hill House)—EEEEE!


Milky Way

Rich and sumptuous: a cocktail that’s a mix of Irish Cream, whole milk, 35% cream, and egg whites. This sipper’s interstellar taste is only outdone by its out-of-this world texture; it’s sure to take you to seventh heaven! What to watch? Why, none other than fascinatingly wacky series Final Space.




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