Passionate pairings

Passionate pairings

A comfy couch, soothing music, a romantic movie, indulgent sweet treats: choose your perfect pairings for a dreamy evening with that special someone.

Sparkling rosés

They’re festive and light… plus they’re the colour of love! Whether you opt for a sparkling wine or Champagne (rosé or not), there’s a vast selection of celebration-worthy bottles to choose from. Pop open something to enjoy as an aperitif, serve with dinner or delight in as a nightcap. Remember: bubbly should be served chilled (but not too cold), in a flute glass, which helps it maintain its effervescence, and lets the aromas really pop.


What to listen to while sipping your bubbly:

– You go to my head, Billie Holliday. A tune for when you’re feeling drunk in love!
– La Déclaration, France Gall. No one can resist these lovely lyrics written by Michel Berger for France Gall.
– Au long de tes hanches, Louis-Jean Cormier. Lyrics by Gaston Miron and music by one of Quebec’s leading composers.

Movie-worthy romance

Nothing gets you into the Valentine’s Day spirit like a good old-fashioned romantic movie! Make it an extra-special movie night by pouring yourself a comforting glass of scotch? If you’re more of a fruit liqueur lover, try a lemon, raspberry or elderberry-flavoured liqueur. Serve it straight up, on the rocks or mixed with a dash of gin or vodka. Enjoy!

What to watch while sipping your libation of choice:

– Four Weddings and a Funeral by Mike Newell, starring Hugh Grant. A timeless classic, with scenes set in Scotland—scotch’s homeland.
– Love is all you need by Susanne Bier. Southern Italy’s lush lemon groves are where this flick takes place!
– The Apartment by Billy Wilder, starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. A wonderful movie, perfect for fans of New York and cocktails!

Chocolate combo

Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day classic, and there are some very chic varieties to choose from. Maple, lavender, whisky, chilli pepper, lemon… the flavours are endless! Chocolate is so much more than just candy; it’s a delicacy that can be enjoyed (and paired) countless different ways!

Good to know:
When it comes to pairing alcohols and chocolate, your best bet is to opt for fortified wines. Think: Port, Rivesaltes or Maury, all of whose sweetness counterbalances the bitterness found in cacao. Fortified wines are barrel-aged, meaning they have cacao, praline, roasted, prune and dried fruit notes which pair perfectly with flavoured chocolate.


Vinotherapy is the perfect way to relax and unwind with that special someone. Reap the benefits of grapes, which are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. For an at-home treatment, check out the vinotherapy products offered by your local beauty institute, or treat yourself to a spa day, complete with relaxation treatments and wine tastings.

For more information: caudalie.com, amerispa.com, associationquebecoisedesspas.com

A romantic 5 à 7:
For the perfect ending to a vinotherapy-filled day, plan a romantic 5 à 7, complete with appetizers and wine! Check out our pairing suggestions from the Fruity and light or Fruity and medium-bodied taste tag categories to serve with these delectable bites:

Tomato, basil and Friulano cheese bruschetta

Beets and duck liver pâté

Chorizo and potato tapas

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