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Fête nationale du Québec

Fête nationale du Québec

June 23 and 24, come join thousands of Quebecers as they get ready to celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day!

As Felix Leclerc famously said: “Quebec is a land divided, except when it sings!” For the 185th edition of the Fête nationale, take in the beautiful surroundings and come dance to traditional sounds and songs. Traditional music and the Fête Nationale bring to mind joyful meet-ups, family reunions and big Saint-Jean parties. Above all, this celebration reminds us of our shared Quebecois cultural heritage. June 23 and 24, come explore the world of tradition with us, and proudly celebrate la belle province!

For more information: fetenationale.quebec

From June 23, 2019 to June 24, 2019