ITHQ: The art of hosting

ITHQ: The art of hosting

To celebrate its 50th birthday, ITHQ is offering a program for all palates and emotions—and highlighting graduates’ successes!

Since its 1968 inauguration, the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec has sent some 12,000 graduates into Quebec’s hotel, catering, and tourist industries. For its 50th birthday, the Institut will throw open its doors and invite the public to get to know the school, as well as its many functions and accomplishments.

Saturday February 10th at 10 a.m., an open house will allow visitors to discover the Institut’s installations, participate in tastings and demonstrations, and to meet Sœur Angèle, Bob le Chef and some of the school’s ambassadors. Click here to get all the details (website in French only).


Gourmet dinner tours and workshops

During the Festival Montréal en lumière (February 22 to March 4) ITHQ celebrations continue. March 1st, the Circuit gastronomique takes guests on a five-course dinner in as many of ITHQ’s varied rooms and restaurants, with a delicious meal prepared by five high-profile graduates: Marie-Fleur Saint-Pierre, Martin Juneau, Danny St-Pierre, Ann-Rika Martin, and Jonathan Lapierre-Rehayem.

A wide variety of workshops are also on offer. Chefs from four international schools affiliated with ITHQ will present Mexican, Belgian, Italian, and French culinary practices. Even kids can get into the celebratory spirit in sessions specifically designed for them; and in their workshop, Sœur Angèle and Liza Frulla (ITHQ General Director) will cook three Italian recipes.

The Restaurant de l’ITHQ will also have special programming, featuring three Belgian chefs from renowned restaurants overseas, at the helm of the ITHQ restaurant. Diners will delight in their six-service menu, with waterzooi and Flemish Carbonnade, and even… Brussels sprouts?! These chefs have even thoughtfully considered wine and beer pairings, of course!

For complete ITHQ à Montréal en lumière programming, click here. (website in French only)


A year’s worth of excitement!

With the collaboration of ITHQ graduates and ambassadors such as Ricardo Larrivée, Élyse Lambert, Hakim Chajar, Helena Loureiro and Louis-François Marcotte, the festivities will continue all year long, above and beyond Montréal en lumière and the many workshops, conferences, and other activities offered. On ITHQ’s 50th birthday, a new program will also be launched: a day camp for 10 to 15 year olds.
Photography: Dominique Lafond

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