Tapas on the menu

Tapas on the menu

Welcome to Spain, where good wine and good times with friends are essential ingredients. The country’s wine-making industry, known for being both colourful and flavourful, as well as its rich tapas cuisine make it the destination of choice for all kinds of epicureans.

Wine for every taste

Whether you’re considering a sparking Cava or a refreshing white from Galicia, a drinkable red from Rioja or a fortified wine from Andalucía, Spain is a treasure-trove of fine wines that conquered the hearts of Quebecers a long time ago.



In the mood for tapas

There’s no need to cross the Atlantic to get into the spirit and submerge yourself in Spanish flavours. Why not just organize a tapas and wine get-together? With good ingredients and a bit of patience, it’s an easy event to pull off since tapas are a simple way of opening the door to a million epicurean surprises. This way of dining via a variety of small plates allows everyone to join in the fun. With guests contributing their tapas dish along with their wine pairing of choise, variety, fun and new discoveries are guaranteed!

An icon of Hispanic culinary culture since the 16th century, tapas were born out of necessity: Originally they served to protect glasses of wine (“tapar” means “to cover” in Castilian) from becoming sullied by drowned insects! The innkeeper would lay a slice of ham or chorizo on top of each glass as a cover and the whole thing snowballed from there! Besides keeping the insects away, tapas also mitigated the intoxicating effects of alcohol consumed on an empty stomach. The idea was refined over time until every region, restaurant and bar had developed its own particular specialities, but in general tapas are always made with fresh, local ingredients put together simply, often accompanied by a slice of bread.

Of course it is easy to go with the classics: olives, fish, calamari, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, chorizo, and of course the unmissable jamón ibérico (“Iberian ham”). But the beauty of tapas is that the concept is basically limitless for anyone with even a little imagination. Tapas really comes into its own whenever you create a dish served in a mini portion that can be consumed in two or three bits.

Feeling inspired yet? If not, take a look at these ideas: a few tapas ideas from



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