A look at the alcohol-less trend

A look at the alcohol-less trend

A one-month sobriety challenge, mocktails, and sober parties… consumer habits are evolving the whole world over! Discover our low- or no-alcohol products, as well as a ton of mocktail recipes to inspire you!

After the holiday excess, many people feel like reducing their alcohol consumption and committing to healthy New Year’s resolutions. For example, mocktails are a growing trend, especially with the younger generations and thanks to the handful of alcohol-free cocktail bars that have popped up across Montreal! We take a closer look at this trend and offer some tips for getting the most out of our low-alcohol or alcohol-free products.

Awareness campaigns

Numerous campaigns have sprung up over the years (think the “28-day sobriety challenge” in Quebec or “Dry January” in France), gaining in popularity and attracting more and more participants. Scientists agree that abstinence from alcohol can be beneficial; it takes only 28 days of not consuming alcohol to start to see and feel the benefits on your body . . . benefits that can still be felt up to six months later! Better overall physical health, and sounder, more restorative sleep are but a few of the positive effects cited by experts. And that’s without counting lower cholesterol levels and weight loss. It’s no wonder so many people choose to join in the alcohol-less movement!


28-day sobriety challenge

The “28-day sobriety challenge” was established in 2013, when two young professionals decided to quit drinking for the entire month of February. On the basis of that experience, the Fondation Jean Lapointe set up a committee tasked with publicizing the challenge in order to raise money for its activities. By collaborating with well-known ambassadors and maximizing a dynamic presence on social media, the organizers of the “28-day sobriety challenge” have managed to make the event a resounding success throughout Quebec.

To participate, head to:

Must-try products

Today’s selection of “no and low” wines and beers is definitely richer and more diverse than it was 20 years ago. And ciders, which are expected to gain even more popularity in 2020, are also a great low-alcohol alternative; they have lower alcohol levels than wine, plus they’re delicious! Quebec cider makers have perfected their know-how over the years and there’s definitely a cider for every taste out there!

Discover all our low-alcohol or alcohol-free products here.

A passion for mocktails

“Mocktail” comes from the word “mock”, meaning “to imitate.” A mocktail is a cocktail that imitates the flavours of an alcoholic beverage, but without the actual alcohol.

In 2020, some of the hottest mixologists will be serving up amazing alcohol-free drinks. Follow them on social media to discover their flamboyant creations, sure to convert even the biggest skeptics out there. Delicious mocktail recipes are easy to find… and to make. You have no excuse not to try!



90 ml (3 oz.) pineapple juice
90 ml (3 oz.) white cranberry juice
30 ml (1 oz.) rose syrup
Splash of grenadine syrup
1 or 2 rose petals

Combine all ingredients except the rose petals in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously for 8 to 10 seconds. Using an ice strainer, strain into a highball glass containing a few ice cubes. Garnish with the rose petals.


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