Best and unusual picnic places

Best and unusual picnic places

Summer is synonymous with happy hour and outdoor fun with friends and family. Instead of the traditional picnic-in-the-park, why not try something more imaginative?

Here’s a rundown of unconventional places to eat, alfresco or otherwise, complete with wine-pairing ideas for your picnic fare!

On a pontoon

Floating picnic tables are the trend this year. They’re easy to rent either from an outfitter or at most public beaches. Just imagine relaxing in the middle of a lake while you dine sipping a glass of Assyrtiko, that fine white varietal from the Greek island of Santorini. Close your eyes, dream a little, and it’s as if you’re afloat on the Aegean Sea!

In an art gallery

Rent an art gallery for an evening’s fun and choose a versatile grape variety, one that can lend itself to different wine styles – sparkling, dry or sweet – and organize a tasting around it. Chenin Blanc would fit the bill nicely here. An art gallery with an existing liquor permit would be ideal, but you can always purchase a temporary one from the SAQ for around $40.

On a rooftop

Here’s an unexpected location where you can take in views of the city skyline and enjoy some privacy at the same time. Gamay is popular this summer, so why not follow the trend and try it?

In front of the house

This underused area deserves its moment in the sun. Spread the quilt and serve a Sauvignon Blanc that will complement the smell of freshly cut grass.

In the lane

Downtown dwellers often have a lane that’s all theirs, whether on Neighbours’ Day (June 10) or any other weeknight. Take advantage of both the green and paved spaces to meet your neighbours – and raise a glass! Impress your companions with the striking aromas of an intense Riesling.

On a wharf or beneath the stars

What better locale to rekindle that spark of romance. A glass of Pinot Noir will be just what’s required.

In bed

It’s raining outside and all you want to do is feel cozy. Have a brunch under the blankets, complete with Prosecco!

Yes, there are many ways to enjoy summer without having to shell out for airfare. Have fun!


Photography: Marie Charest

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