Cheers to sustainable cocktails

Cheers to sustainable cocktails

The holiday season is made for celebrating with family and friends. And since more and more of us support environmental sustainability, what could be better than serving sustainable cocktails?
  • By: Catherine Lefebvre
  • December 21, 2018
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Locally made

One good way of making ecologically responsible cocktails is to use local ingredients. Which is convenient, since Quebec’s alcohol industry is flourishing. In terms of spirits, the range of gins, vodkas, creams and liqueurs made by local artisans seems to grow every year. Feel like a refreshing mimosa? Quebec’s range of sparkling wines is just as abundant. Our wines even have their own form of certification. Quebec Certified Wines must conform to four criteria relating to their bottling, grape origin, quality control and the sustainable viticulture in order to take ecological, economic and social aspects into account when evaluating their production methods.


Alternatively flavoured

Instead of mixing your favourite cocktails with soft drinks, consider replacing the pop with a homemade sparkling water that has a touch of Quebec maple syrup or honey. You can also make your own syrups or purées from berries or seasonal vegetables to give authentic local flavour to your favourite drinks. Ecologically responsible mixologists also opt for organic lemons, oranges and carrots when creating their cocktails.


Sustainably garnished

Other than the classic celery stalk for a Bloody Caesar, creating decorations out of kitchen scraps instead of disposable plastic objects is definitely a plus. Citrus, for example, is often thrown away once the juice has been extracted, despite the fact they still hold a lot of potential: Their zest and rind can be reused. A sprig of rosemary or thyme can also add a wonderful perfume to cocktails while also serving as a swizzle stick. You can have great fun garnishing glasses with slices of local fruit and vegetables, like apples, cucumbers and hot peppers. This approach has the advantage of limiting kitchen waste and garbage.


Appropriately chilled

Ice is often a must-gave ingredient for a cocktail. If your recipe does not call for a particular type of ice, opt for a silicone ice cube mould for chilling your cocktail in order to limit wasted water. You can also use frozen local fruits and vegetables as ice cubes!



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