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2018 Advent Calendar

2018 Advent Calendar

Our advent calendar will help you plan for the big day! Visit this page each day to discover plenty of home-made gift ideas and decorations (daily updates).

Our advent calendar will help you plan for the big day! Visit this page each day for a new tip to help make holiday prep easier!

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Saturday, December 1

Inventory your holiday decorations, lights and garlands. Missing anything? No need to spend loads of money completing your winter wonderland, a few tree branches, some pinecones and some string is sometimes all you need to create rustic and elegant décor. To get into the spirit of the season, treat yourself to a glass of Spice Forest, a hot or cold cocktail, that smells like Christmas cheer! Check out our article for more decorating tips.

Sunday, December 2

If you’re hosting over the holidays, why not prepare a homemade infusion to add to all your unique cocktails? It’s easy: soak an aromatic (ginger, balsam fir, vanilla, rosemary, truffle, lime leaf, etc.) in a boiling liquid, such as water (to make a syrup) or milk. Your guests will clamber for refills! Visit our Instagram page for more cocktail ideas.

Monday, December 3

DIY decorations! Make a cute little reindeer, a bulletin board, a bookmark or personalized stamps using recycled wine corks. Visit our Instagram page for more ideas.


Tuesday, December 4

The greatest gift you can give someone is spending quality time with them. With that in mind, why not offer them a workshop at Ateliers SAQ par ITHQ? Available classes include: Introduction to Wine and Spirit Tasting, Pairing 101, Wine Regions and Cepages and many more interesting topics. It’s a great way to spend time with the ones you love!


Wednesday, December 5

Make a list of the presents you want to give your loved ones, and don’t forget to include teachers, neighbours and friends. Why not use the occasion to create handmade Christmas cards? Your family and friends will be moved by this personal touch. So, make yourself a glass of Holiday-cheer coffee and get creative!


Thursday, December 6

Stock your at-home bar with a few bottles of Champagne and bubby and you’ll always have something to serve at those last-minute happy hours. Plus, you’ll be ready for Christmas brunch, New Year’s Eve and any other occasion that might pop up! A bottle of sparkling wine is always a great gift to give, especially when it’s accompanied by a tin of homemade savoury pesto shortbread . . . your friends and family will ask for more!


Friday, December 7

Is there a wine lover in your life? Treat them to a gift set including a few bottles of wine and some nifty wine accessories. For inspiration, read our article on gift ideas that are fun to give and receive. Don’t forget to add an SAQ gift card to your gift set. It’s made from 100% recycled materials and is available in denominations ranging from $10 to $500. Our gift cards never expire and are accepted in all our stores, so everyone can treat themselves to the product of their choice!


Saturday, December 8

Running low on gift ideas? Take advantage of our flash sale to stock up on wine to give family and friends. We have loads of wines to choose from, including a Kim Crawford limited edition Sauvignon Blanc, packaged in an iconic gold bottle. Complete your gift with a loaf of homemade red wine bread, or a delicious chicken liver pâté. Not only are these great gift ideas inexpensive, they’re also easy to make. Read our article for more homemade gourmet gift ideas.


Sunday, December 9

Gift boxes to help support FBQ There are many holidays occasions when you offer gifts to hosts, colleagues and friends. Why not do a good deed while you’re at it? Purchase an SAQ gift box and the proceeds will go to Food Banks of Quebec, a foundation that supports 19 regional food banks and close to 1,200 community organizations committed to putting an end to hunger in Quebec.


Monday, December 10

Empty bottles can really pile up during the holidays, so why not recycle them by transforming them into pretty decorations? All you need is a bit of paint and some creativity! Visit our Instagram page for more inspiration.


Tuesday, December 11

Want to add a unique touch to your gift-wrapping? Using some pretty twine, garnish your gifts with a lovely assortment of fir branches or cinnamon sticks. Friends and family will get to enjoy the wrapping and the gift inside! When all your wrapping is done, reward yourself with a delicious glass of Christmas Punch, sure to get you into the holiday spirit!


Wednesday, December 12

Is your Christmas Eve menu finalized and ready to go? Time to think about your wine pairings! Visit SAQ.COM or log in to the SAQ mobile app and start shopping from our vast selections of bottles. Browse and purchase online from the comfort of your home, and forget the stress of swarms of holiday shoppers.

Thursday, December 13

Bonus points from the 13th to the 16th

If you haven’t started preparing for the holidays, now’s the time! Take advantage of our Bonus Points offer online or in-store to load up on great products and Inspire points! To learn how to “shop better” with the mobile app, check out our 5 tips in this video (in French only).


Friday, December 14

Cranberry compote is a true holiday classic! It elevates many a dish, including turkey, tourtières and pâté. Plus, it pairs well with red wines bearing the Fruity and Medium-bodied taste tag. This compote is so easy to make, it’s sure to be the star of the show at all your holiday meals!


Saturday, December 15

The holidays can be hectic for everyone, so no one will judge you for resorting to a store-bought dessert – it’s practical! Yet when all is said and done, nothing beats a homemade cake. It’s often more affordable and more of a crowd-pleaser! Our top tip? Prepare your holiday dessert a few days ahead of time. This chocolate-mocha cake keeps in the fridge for a few days, or you could just pop it in the freezer. All you’ll have left to do is decorate it the day of your big get-together – just remember to thaw it, or take it out of the fridge a few hours prior to serving so that it’s not too cold to eat.


Sunday, December 16

Want your home to smell like the holidays when your guests arrive? Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by preparing a delicious infusion of fruit and spices. Read our article to discover how to make our infusion recipe.


Monday, December 17

Everybody is unique, so why not put together individual baskets filled with homemade gifts tailored to each person on your list? You can also check out our gift set suggestions, perfect for the wine lover in your life.


Tuesday, December 18

Decorate your table with a cookie garland in the shape of a star! Use our Christmas Cookies recipe – it’s easy to make and delicious! After taking them out of the oven, simply make a small hole at the top (or bottom) of each cookie and thread with string. These cookies pair perfectly with a glass of white port or ice wine.


Wednesday, December 19

Looking for the perfect gift for the spirit lover in your life? This cocktail duo is it! Simply whip up a batch of strawberry or raspberry syrup (or use any fruit you prefer) and pour it into a pretty container. Pair your homemade syrup with a bottle of the spirit of your choice (vodka, gin, rum, tequila) and voila – the perfect gift! If you would rather buy a ready-made gift, opt for one of our trendy products, such as elderflower liqueur or flavoured gin; we have a wide variety of spirits to choose from. To learn more about sprits, read our article here.


Thursday, December 20

10% off Origine Québec

From December 20th to the 22nd, enjoy 10% off Origine Québec products. From ciders to wines, take advantage of this chance to stock up for the holidays! Looking for an original way to wrap bottles you plan to give as gifts? Upcycle the sleeves of your old shirts and transform them into cool gift bags! It’s easy, inexpensive, eco-friendly and everyone is sure to be impressed! Read our article on how to make these one-of-a-kind gift bags.


Friday, December 21

Hosting a holiday happy hour? It’s time to get creative with cocktails! Check out our festive cocktail ideas in our holiday special feature. To make these cocktails, stock up on a selection of base spirits. To save money and still have a fully stocked bar, buy several smaller bottles as opposed to just one or two full-size bottles. Still need some inspiration for what to serve your guests? Why not treat them to a glass of The Quebec Royal, the winning recipe from our “Let’s Create a Cocktail for Québec” contest.


Saturday, December 22

Treat your guests to a decadent dessert: our homemade chocolate and hazelnut biscotti. They’ll add a touch of elegance to the evening, and are delicious served with a glass of cream liqueur. Pour your creamy nightcaps into chiselled rock glasses for a bit of festive flair!


Sunday, December 23

Looking for last-minute gift ideas? Offer the cocktail lover in your life a unique present: pick out a pretty notebook (you’ll find a wide variety at your local bookstore) and fill its pages with cocktail recipes. Be creative: add pictures to go with the recipes, or if you’re really talented, draw them yourself! For great recipe ideas, head to Espace cocktail.


Monday, December 24

Are you hosting Christmas brunch this year? Surprise your guests with a mimosa bar! Set out Champagne flutes, a variety of juices (blood orange-grapefruit, pomegranate and berries, mango-pineapple, etc.) in pretty jugs or pitchers, and a selection of fresh fruit. And don’t forget the bubbly and an ice bucket to keep it cool! A lovely start to a festive brunch! For more at-home bar ideas, check out this article.

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