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Beautiful books underneath the tree

Beautiful books underneath the tree

Every year, a whole slew of books and guides on wine and spirits hit bookstore shelves. We’ve reviewed them and found a few brand-new ones that will tickle the wine/spirit lover in your life.

Rouge sur blanc 

By Ronald Georges, Éditions Les Malins
This book shines a spotlight on the talent and passion driving local producers, on top of explaining why Quebec wines have become so popular over recent years. You’ll also get an opportunity to discover a selection of Quebec wines and spirits, as well as wine from other provinces—all of which are available at the SAQ!

Le Lapeyrie 2020

By Philippe Lapeyrie, Les Éditions de l’Homme
This handy guide is a great gift choice as it allows the reader to discover popular sommelier and columnist Philippe Lapeyrie’s top picks. Perfect for finding the perfect bottle for any occasion: Lapeyrie gives you the full tasting tour of no fewer than 125 products!

39th edition of the Phaneuf guide

By Nadia Fournier, Les Éditions de l’Homme
An absolute must for the wine lovers in your life, this comprehensive guide by Nadia Fournier gives you a full synopsis of her most fabulous finds, new arrivals, can’t-miss value products, and sure-fire wins, keeping organic and Quebec wines at the fore, bien sûr!

Route des vins dans le monde – 50 itinéraires de rêve

By Nathalie Richard, éditions Guides de voyage Ulysse
Love wine and landscapes? Here’s a guide for dreaming big with 50 wine roads leading you through the world’s top regions. From Bordeaux’s castles, to Chianti’s romantic landscapes, to Loire Valley bike routes, by way of Napa seen from a hot air balloon, sommelier Nathalie Richard has made certain there’s a surprise in store for you at every destination!

Boire local: les 100 meilleurs vins, bières et alcools du Québec

By Jessica Harnois, Éditions La Presse
Today, local is trending more than ever—and for good reason! Quebec producers are doing everything in their power to provide exceptional products, which is what Jessica Harnois’ guide is all about: showing readers the very best the province has to offer! Learn more with this book that’s bursting at the seams with attention-grabbing, detailed, and practical information you need to help you buy local…better!

L’apéro au Québec – Cocktails locaux et de saison

By Max Coubès and Rose Simard from 1 ou 2 cocktails, KO Éditions
These two cocktail fanatics are who’s behind this marvellous book, which is packed with 55 seasonal cocktail recipes and local flavours. To boot: inspiring meet-ups with local artisans.

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