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It’s all about dressing!

It’s all about dressing!

One often hears that salad dressing is wine’s number one enemy. That’s partly true, but only if the vinaigrette in question is acidic – in other words, high in vinegar. Still, there are other possibilities so you won’t have to wash down your salad with a plain glass of water.


Lemons, oranges, Japanese yuzus and green apples bring the necessary tang to enliven your favourite salad. The challenge – and the fun – is choosing the ingredient to match the type of lettuce. Arugula is slightly tangy and peppery, so it goes well with lemon juice, while the soft texture of lamb’s lettuce calls for less tart orange juice. Rieslings are usually the best choice of wine.



An excellent base with which to make a salad dressing, cream is easy to flavour. Table cream combined with shaved Parmesan and fines herbs makes a good vinaigrette for frisée salad. Crème fraîche easily absorbs the flavours of walnut oil and enhances a grilled heart of romaine lettuce. And don’t forget that maple syrup can help soften the sharpness of sour cream. A Chardonnay, from Europe or elsewhere, makes an excellent companion to these different vinaigrettes.



It’s not because vinegar and wine don’t get along that you have to stick with sweet and insipid vinaigrettes. Ginger and paprika are a fine match with grapefruit juice in a highly seasoned, spicy one. A combination of coriander, lemon grass and soy sauce will bring with it an Asian touch, ideal for a bean-sprout salad. In these cases, select a wine like a Pinot Gris or a lightly woody Sauvignon Blanc as accompaniments.


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