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Perfect case for the season

Perfect case for the season

When a bank holiday arrives, we’re all for taking advantage of it! A quick trip to one of Quebec’s gorgeous destinations? An overnight stay at the cottage? A get-together with family and friends? Better yet, all of the above! Just make sure to stock up on the essentials!

Bubbly, lots of bubbly

Served chilled, sparkling wine livens up any 5 à 7 and stimulates the appetite. And the choices are endless. A sparkling cider produced right here in Quebec? An Italian Prosecco? A Spanish Cava, or maybe even a bottle of Champagne? Unless you’re more of a beer lover, in which case, we have a vast selection of local and imported beers for you to choose from.


Refreshing whites

Excellent as an aperitif, or paired with fish, shellfish or seafood, dry and bracing whites will have your guests smacking their lips. As a guide, seek out wines that sport the Fruity and Vibrant taste tag.


Full-bodied whites

Looking for a wine to pair with poultry, grilled white meat or pasta in a cream sauce? Opt for full-bodied whites with an oak-scented enveloping texture, like the ones grouped under the Aromatic and Mellow taste tag. They also make a fine accompaniment for your cheese platters!


Light reds

Lightly chilled, these reds pair beautifully with charcuterie, terrines, pâtés, white meat and tomato-based dishes. Think wines made from Gamay or Pinot Noir, or try bottles with a Fruity and Light or Fruity and Medium-bodied taste tag.


Full-bodied reds

Don’t forget to stock up on bolder reds as well—they’re the perfect wine to pair with beef, lamb and game. You’ll see—wines with a more imposing structure definitely have their place at the table. Choose bottles from the Aromatic and Supple or Aromatic and Robust categories.


A cocktail with that?

Feel like whipping up a glass of cuba libregin & tonicmojitocosmobloody caesarsangria or punch? Vodka, dry gin, rum and citrus liqueur are all great bases to have on hand. Visit Espace cocktail for loads of inspiring ideas!



A touch of forbidden fruit

Why not stock up your case with local products made right here in our very own orchids? Apple-based products have been gaining in popularity—you’d be surprised how many one-of-a-kind products you can find!


Fine spirits

With a bottle of scotch or whisky on hand, you’ll be able to spice up your coffee, create several delicious cocktails, or simply enjoy a post-dinner drink on the rocks!

Go on now, enjoy your long weekend!

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