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Serving wine and beer at potlucks

Serving wine and beer at potlucks

Everyone loves a good potluck! But knowing which bottle to serve with what dish can be a bit of a headache! Here are our top tips on how to host the perfect potluck!

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Question from a social media fan

“What’s the best way to serve the different wines and beers brought to a potluck-style dinner?”

Our expert replies

Start by opening all the wine bottles and dividing them by category (rosé, white, red). Next, fill a large bin with ice and add all the bottles that are best served cold (white wine, beer, bubbly), then place any room-temperature bottles in a separate bin. You can position both bins next to your home bar, making sure to lay out a selection of glasses, as well as a few pitchers of water so that your guests can stay hydrated between drinks. By presenting the night’s libations like this, your guests will be able to sample various products and make delightful discoveries, or stick with what they like best. Finally, if you’ve run out of room, remember that a balcony can become a makeshift bar for the night! Simply set up a table on your balcony and place your bottle-filled bins on top of it.


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