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To ice or not to ice?

To ice or not to ice?

With rising temperatures, is your wine, cooler or beer getting a bit too warm? Here are some tips to keep your drink cool this summer!


Is your glass of white or rosé starting to lose its cool under the hot sun? Go ahead and throw in an ice cube! You can even add ice to red wine: Twirl the ice cube a few times in your glass and then promptly remove it. Your red will chill, and you won’t have turned it into a rosé! You wouldn’t want to add ice to a grand cru, but you really shouldn’t be drinking a fine wine like that under the hot blistering sun.



You can also feel free to use an ice cube in cooler and ready-to-drink beverages if you want To keep them cool longer. If you’re choosing ready-to-drink beverages, know that those on saq store shelves are of superior quality to those found elsewhere. Why? Saq offerings are made with genuine spirits, while others are often flavoured malt beverages.


Cheers to a nice cold one

It may be fine for wine, but don’t put ice in your beer! Instead, cool your glass before using it, that way the beer can withstand the effects of the heat a little longer. Remember to tilt your glass when pouring beer, and go slowly to avoid ending up with a glass half-full of foam!

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