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What is orange wine?

What is orange wine?

Not quite white, not quite red, orange wine falls in a category all its own, and has been garnering more attention over the years.

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“What is orange wine?”

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Orange wine is a type of white wine made using the same process as red. Rather than remove the skins (as is the case for classic white wine), grapes are left in contact with them while releasing pigments. In addition to creating a lovely orange hue, this technique allows the wine to acquire a variety of aromas, and leave a gentle tannin sensation in the mouth.

Although its fruity and floral aromas might lead you to think orange wine contains residual sugar, it is in fact rather dry. Orange wine is refreshing, with powerful and pleasing aromas and a robust structure. Thanks to its versatility and bold personality, it pairs very nicely with a wide variety of dishes. Best served slightly warmer than a classic white, and slightly cooler than a red.


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