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An eco-friendly material

An eco-friendly material

Glass powder: an eco-material officially recognized as a cement additive according to CSA-A3000.

For nearly 15 years, the SAQ Chaire sur la valorisation du verre dans les matériaux (SAQ Chair for the Promotion of Glass in Materials) at the Université de Sherbrooke has been committed to finding new ways of using recycled glass in the construction industry. After in-depth studies, this year glass powder was officially recognized as a cement additive according to CSA-A3000 Compendium of Cement standards. This critical approval enables those leading construction projects that require cement to be assured of standardized quality when they use this innovative, made-in-Quebec eco-material. The advantages of glass-powder-enhanced concrete are many: greater resilience and waterproofing of the final product, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, for every ton of cement replaced by glass powder, we prevent nearly one ton of GHG emissions from being produced! In keeping with this eco-friendly trend, the SAQ in collaboration with 95 development projects, has recycled close to three million wine bottles since 2011. And that’s not counting the other organizations and institutions that have incorporated glass powder into their own projects, including concrete slabs used by the STM, as well as several of Montréal’s sidewalks.

Photo: Julien Perron-Gagné

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