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It pays to use the SAQ inspire card

It pays to use the SAQ inspire card

Discover all the SAQ app’s new features, including profile access and purchase history. Download it now and save!

Since the program’s launch:

  • More than 2 million members have benefited from personalized offers.
  • A total of 76.9 million points have been accumulated.
  • And 49.4 million of which have been redeemed. Be sure to redeem your own points!
  • Millions of personalized deals have been offered each week in your Inspire newsletter and on the mobile app.

Data as of November 17, 2017, accrued since the Inspire program’s launch in October 2015.



To get the most out of it, use the SAQ app

New on the SAQ app:

  • Your profile and purchase history
  • The Spirit of Sharing magazine
  • Maintenant sur tablette


Download your SAQ app and:

  • Keep your Inspire card on hand to accumulate points.
  • Consult your exclusive personalized offers plus your points balance, and maximize your purchases.
  • Scan the products, add your favourites, locate an SAQ store, and more!

The application is available at:

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