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SAQ x BAQ: putting an end to hunger

SAQ x BAQ: putting an end to hunger

Over the past nine years, SAQ has been supporting Food Banks of Quebec, an organization that serves our province’s 19 food banks. Learn more about what SAQ and BAQ does to help fight hunger in Quebec.

Putting an end to hunger

Having a glass of wine with dinner is great, but having food on your plate is essential. More than 400,000 people go hungry in Quebec each month, 150,000 of whom are children. That’s why the SAQ has made fighting hunger its number one humanitarian cause. “At the SAQ, we love sharing our advice and passion for wine,” says Catherine Dagenais, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. “Another way of sharing is by giving back to the community. So, we’re inviting our customers to join us in the fight against hunger by making sure all Quebecers get enough to eat.”

SAQ has been supporting Food Banks of Quebec, an organization that serves our province’s 19 food banks and close to 1,200 community organizations. The spirit of sharing is also about lending a hand to those in need.

Did you know?

  • Thanks to increased efforts over the past nine years on the part of the SAQ and its customers, more than $4-million has been donated to the FBQ.
  • Families with children represent almost half the households that require nutritional assistance.
  • Close to 1,500,000 meals and snacks are served each month to hungry Quebecers.

A $1 donation helps pay for 3 meals

Follow the campaign on social media with #SAQBAQ. To find out more and to make an online donation, visit: SAQ.COM

An endless chain of sharing

From May 4 to 6
The SAQ invites you to drop by one of their stores to purchase a bottle of white wine. For every bottle of white wine sold, $1 will be donated to Food Banks of Quebec.

From May 4 to 13
You can make an additional donation directly at SAQ stores.

All year long
The SAQ involvement is daily and continual. That support is manifested through multiple activities and special events, such as the sale of SAQ gift boxes, the profits of which go to Food Banks of Quebec. For the past 15 years, the SAQ has supported the Tablée des chefs — an organization dedicated to providing food for those In need and developing future generations’ culinary abilities.


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